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Instant Rebates! Point of Sale Foodservice Rebate Program


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Qualifying Equipment

The Instant Rebates! Point-of-Sale Foodservice program uses the SoCalGas® Qualifying Products List to determine the eligibility of various types, makes, and models of efficient gas-fired commercial foodservice equipment.

Your participating foodservice equipment vendor can help you choose qualified equipment that will best fit your needs. For a full list of eligible equipment, download the SoCalGas® Qualifying Product List.

Type of Equipment Instant Rebate Amount Unit
Convection Oven $500 per cavity
Commercial Griddle $100 per foot
Combination Oven $1,100 – $2,400* per oven
Cabinet Steamer $1,800 per cavity
Commercial Fryer $749 per vat
Double Rack Oven $2,000 per oven
Commercial Conveyer Oven $750 per oven
Pre-Rinse Spray Valve $20 per unit
Dishwashers – Single Tank Door-Type $250 per unit
Conveyor Broiler $1,260 – $1,900 per unit
SCG IR Customer Flyer-13Sept2017

*Rebate varies by number of pans.