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Why buy high-efficiency equipment?

Major cooking appliances account for almost 35% of the average restaurant’s energy expenditures1. High-efficiency equipment can decrease these energy costs by as much as 75%2.

High-efficiency equipment uses less natural gas and water so you pay less on your utility bills. The table below lists potential energy savings of high-efficiency equipment types.

Type of Equipment Lifetime Savings3 Percent Savings
Fryer $5,460 33%
Convection Oven $2,490 24%
Combination Oven $11,590 52%
Rack Oven $20,960 39%
Steamer $25,850 66%
Griddle $1,250 30%
Conveyor Oven $8,800 25%
Dishwasher $2,560 43%
Conveyor Broiler $20,710 43%
Pre-Rinse Spray Valve $130 16%
Underfired Broiler $6,320 19%

Actual savings obtained in each instance may vary and will depend on various factors, including geographic location, weather conditions, equipment installed, usage rates and so forth. Completing multiple energy-saving measures will not necessarily result in cumulative savings.

  1. Energy consumption for commercial kitchens based on Energy Star study:
  2. Energy consumption savings are based on a comparison of annual gas consumption for high-efficiency and standard-efficiency units of equivalent size and capacity.
  3. Lifetime savings costs calculations are based on 365 days/year and 12 hours of usage per day (with exception with Pre-Rinse Spray Valves that are used 1 hour a day), a gas rate of $0.85/therm, a combined water/sewer rate of $7/CCF, and efficiency values from the Foodservice Technology Center and Investor Owned Utility work papers. Percent savings represent the ratio of the total lifetime cost of a standard-efficiency unit to that of a high-efficiency unit of equivalent size and capacity. Actual savings may vary.